Thick Pizza Stone

Selecting the Right One

In today’s post, we want to cover how to get the right thick pizza stone.

Yes, pizza is awesome, which if at some point a key reason for you reading this article.

However, we are talking about homemade fire-baked pies. Now, this could be on a grill, in a real old school pizza oven, or even just in a regular oven.

The point is that making a pie by yourself the old school way always turns out to be much better than the alternative.

These baking tools can make all of the difference between a great result and one that makes you think you should have just bought a slice.

Finding a good one can be a little trickier than you might think…

Let’s get started and talk about some really good thick pizza stone options that you can consider getting for your kitchen.


Basically, there are plenty of good thick pizza stone options out there. Therefore, we would definitely recommend taking a closer look at any of the 3 above options as they are very highly rated.

Making a great pizza pie is no big deal when you have the right thick baking tool at your disposal. In the end, you cannot go wrong with any of these 3 thick baking tool options.

Nevertheless, if we had to pick one, definitely go for the Old Stone Oven Rectangular baking tool.

In fact, it is such a good stone that we wrote an entire blog post about it before. Hope this helps, in your decision to get a thick pizza stone.

Make sure to also check out our buying guide for more interesting options on stones!


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