Stone Bakers Pizza

A Review

Today, we want to do something different(from our usual reviews of ovens and stones) and give a quick review of one of the best pizza restaurants in all of Chicago. Stone bakers pizza.

Stone Bakers Pizza is a family-owned and operated Italian restaurant located in Marengo, IL.

Mike and David DeRose had toyed with the idea of opening their own place for the past decade. Because they always dreamed of providing fresh and affordable Italian food to people in the downtown area. Their dream came true when they opened the doors to Stone Bakers Pizza.

With both brothers having experience in restaurant management. It was a quick and easy decision to hire their long-time friend and seasoned chef, Lucio Benici.

This skilled pizza maker put the restaurant on the map with amazing combinations of classic and modern gourmet pizza recipes. The dough and sauce are always fresh.

Although most people are there for the pizza, there is more to this restaurant than just pizza. Both brothers love Italian cuisine. Therefore, they made it their prerogative to provide customers with a variety of menu choices.

Essentially establishing the stone bakers pizza tradition of excellent customer service.


Stone Bakers Pizza is truly a gem of Italian cuisine and quality pizza, delivering food made with fresh ingredients. Although situated in a busy neighborhood, this small establishment with its cozy interior will always make customers feel welcomed. It is a great place to take the family out to dinner or enjoy a date.

Regardless of whether you are looking for fast food or Italian cooked dishes, you can get both in this restaurant. The two owners’ experience in restaurant management shines through in everything. From the tidiness of the place right through to the small menu featuring carefully selected dishes, packed with flavor.

Hiring their longtime friend and professional chef Lucio has so far proven fruitful. Since then, they have managed to build and satisfy a sizable customer base.

If you are a true Pizza fan, then we highly recommend you visit stone bakers pizza at some point.

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