Olive Oil Pizza

Recipe for Making the Right Crust and Sauce

You can’t make an authentic Italian pizza without olive oil. Thus, how does this ingredient make a difference?

This olive oil pizza recipe will show you. Because people pay too much attention to the toppings, they tend to take no notice of the crust.

However, don’t you know that Italian people revere the crust more than any part of the pizza? Original Neapolitan pizza is only topped with tomatoes and mozzarella cheese, nothing more.

By using minimal and simple toppings, authentic Italian cuisine aims to emphasize the overall quality of the crust above anything else.

Despite the trend towards overloaded toppings, Italians prefer to stick to the tradition of making an excellent crust with minimal toppings.

Making the pizza dough is quite easy, and it only needs three ingredients (flour, yeast, and salt) to make it. Moreover, if you want to enhance the taste of the basic dough, try adding olive oil, and you’ll see a big difference.


Olive oil is an essential ingredient for authentic Italian pizza. In other words, you can’t make an authentic pizza without it.

However, to make the best pizza, choose a high-quality extra-virgin olive oil that is typically cold-pressed.

Although you can still use the refined variants, we highly recommend using the highest grade which is the extra-virgin variant.

You can try and compare the result of these variants, and you’ll find a vast difference when it comes to flavor.

Refined variants don’t have that hint of fruitiness that you usually get from extra-virgin olive brands.

Because olive oil is a bit on the pricey side, some people resort to vegetable oil instead.

We see no problem with that. However, vegetable oils won’t give your pie that coveted authentic Italian flavor.

Besides, you’ll realize that the price is all worth it when you finally taste its pleasingly pungent flavor.


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