How to Make Neapolitan Pizza

Using an Authentic Sauce Recipe

Pizza comes in a wide range of forms and styles. Every country in the world has its version of this Italian cuisine. However, among these many styles, one stands out – the Neapolitan pizza.

Also known as pizza Napoletana, is one of the world’s favorites alongside other popular styles such as Sicilian and New York-style. Moreover, you often find it in most pizzerias’ menu.

As the name implies, it originated in Naples, Italy so we can only expect nothing but the best. Created from the home of pizza, the Neapolitan style represents the most basic form of this Italian food.

Below, I’ll teach you how to make Neapolitan pizza at home with our authentic Neapolitan pizza sauce recipe.


Neapolitan pie is not just a crust topped with sauce and toppings. This style is rooted in Italian tradition that represents the foundation and history of the cuisine itself.

It’s true that other styles are bursting with more flavors and ingredients compared to this simple dish. However, Neapolitan pizza is not just about flavor varieties or exquisite toppings; it’s about tradition.

Specific guidelines and strict parameters are required to be followed as a respect to the deep-rooted Italian tradition. Besides, that’s what this style is all about.

It’s nice to go over the board and indulge yourself with American overstuffed and cheese-overloaded styles. However, let’s not forget how it all began.

This Italian dish has come a long way since then. Moreover, Neapolitan pies are one of our remaining links to the classic, original taste of Italian cuisine.

We hope this article helps you understand the deeper essence of Neapolitan style as it also teaches you how to make Neapolitan pies.


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