Reasons You Have a Broken Pizza Stone and Methods to Prevent It

Pizza Stone Product Care

Have you ever experienced your baking tool cracking in the middle of cooking your pizza? You are not the only one. A broken pizza stone is actually a common problem, especially among beginners.

Many owners of these products are still looking for ways to solve this costly problem.

The reality is that there are plenty of reasons out there as to why these products crack.

Hence, we have created this guide to help you take care of the equipment so that you no longer must keep buying a replacement.

We will be looking at the possible causes of the problem and the steps you can take to avoid them going forward.


If you are a fan of baking your own pizza, then you should adhere to all the steps and rules mentioned in this guide so that your pizza making tool won’t crack immediately.

Furthermore, you should also read our pizza stone guide.

A broken pizza stone is easily avoidable if you observe these tips. Simple steps like avoiding using a lot of heat in the oven.

And, exposing the model to water can go a long way in increasing the item’s longevity and saving your money.


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