Best Wood for Pizza Oven!

For the Perfect Pizza

As we often point out in our guides and reviews, when it comes to pizza, opinions vary on a large number of topics. These include the best wood for pizza oven.

Just look at what happens when someone eats New York pizza with silverware or the ongoing argument about pineapple. Let alone the Great Debate about Chicago-style pizza.

Namely, people take their pizza very seriously. That’s why today we want to tackle a topic with a wide range of opinions. Mainly, what is the best wood for pizza oven?

Firstly, when talking about the best wood for pizza oven, you have to go back a bit and consider coal-burning vs. wood-burning pizza ovens.

Nevertheless, this is a subject with a lot of strong opinions, but let’s summarize.


These tips and tricks will help you get started on the path of enjoying authentic, wood-fired pizzas made in your own oven.

Once you master the basics, you can begin experimenting with enhancing your pizzas with fruitwoods, finding out what you like best and sampling different woods and ratios, polishing your technique and discovering your favorites.

Essentially, allowing you to make your own best wood for pizza oven.

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