Everybody loves pizza, but no one wants a messy-looking one. That’s why it’s essential to have the best pizza cutter that can make the perfect cut.

Pizza has spiced up our lives more than we could imagine. Whether you invite your friends over to watch a big game on TV or indulge in it by yourself.

This savory food has become a staple in every party. Moreover, can be a life-saver when you have surprise guests, and you don’t have time to cook.

However, no matter how perfect it is done, it all boils down to how it is cut. You’ve probably used a kitchen knife or a scissor in cutting this pie. Moreover, it probably ended up disfiguring the pie instead.
It’s a common knowledge that average knives would ruin the toppings and the pie itself.

Using a knife is likely to separate the cheese layer from the crust making the cheese go all over the place.
Unlike your regular kitchen knives, the best pizza cutter is specially designed to cut flattened pie while retaining the layers. By utilizing vertical force, it prevents the layers to separate when it cuts through.

Moreover, the result is a perfectly sliced pie without a single topping gone to waste. Furthermore, the best pizza cutter gives you effortless cutting that you can’t attain by using average knives.

If you love eating this Italian food, then you need to buy the best pizza cutter available in the market.

This article will guide you in choosing the best pizza cutter so you can enjoy your yummy pie even more.

We scoured the online market to pick the world’s best pizza cutters based on customer ratings and reviews. For your convenience, we have round up the list of the top 5 best pizza cutters in the market.

However, before we get to the pizza cutter reviews, let us first try to understand the need for having this vital kitchen tool.

So, how do we make a clean cut without messing up the toppings? The answer is simple – you need to get the best pizza cutter.

Seasoned cooks and chefs all agree that a professional pizza cutter is an essential kitchen tool.

What is a Pizza Cutter?

Modern lifestyle has paved the way for ready-to-eat or takeout dishes as a convenient solution for people on the go.

Pizza is the most popular and tastiest takeout food that is sold in every part of the world.

You can find this Italian food almost everywhere, and people can’t get enough of this yummy pie.

Since kitchen knives or scissors don’t do well in cutting these pies, an Italian inventor came up with a special cutter for this pie.

In 1708, Silvio Pacitti invented the first pizza cutter with a rounded blade. It is designed to create a downward motion to make a precise cut without disfiguring the food being sliced.

As the demand for pizza progressed over time, different innovative designs have proposed various ways of cutting.

One of the most acknowledged design is the Roller knife that was invented by a westerner named David Morgan.

Initially, the Roller knife wasn’t intended to cut pizza, but it was designed to trim wallpaper. However, since this wheel-type cutter can slice pies cleanly and efficiently, it was later patented as a pizza cutter.

Currently, there are myriads of different designs and models to choose from.

Hence, it would help if you learned how to differentiate these varieties to determine the best pizza cutter for you.

We all had that one dilemma when there is no pizza cutter at hand and were forced to use a knife or scissors instead.

Using a knife or scissors can lead to an absolute mess as these tools tend to haul the top layer with them till the end.

Moreover, you’ll need to exert effort to cut through the hard crust while trying hard not to ruin the toppings. Also, as you might have known, it is almost impossible to pull this off with a knife or a scissor.

Now here comes the professional pizza cutter that can slice the pie smoothly into uniform shapes and pieces — all without the need to exert much effort or worry about the toppings being scattered all over.

As the name suggests, this simple tool is intended to cut pizza or other layered foods that need to retain layers when sliced.

These handy tools come in different designs, but three main types are most commonly used.

3 Major Types

Pizza cutters are available in various designs and shapes. However, regardless of their structure, each of them falls under these three major types:


This Italian term means ‘half-moon’ due to its shape that resembles a crescent-shaped moon. Its unique form allows you to move back and forth to achieve the desired slice of the pie. The mezzaluna was the very first pizza cutter to have ever been invented.

Wheel Type

The Roller knife introduced a more convenient way of cutting layered foods. Since then, people have been using wheel-type slicers to cut their pies.

These tools have a rotating wheel that runs smoothly in any direction. Just like the mezzaluna, you can cut back and forth with ease until the desired piece is attained.

Pizza Shears

Also called pizza scissors, these tools are not your typical pair of scissors. Its shape is slightly bent and has a built-in spatula in one of the blades to make cutting easier.

All you need to do is lift the edge of the pie and snip to the center to make triangular slices.

Factors to Consider in Buying Pizza Cutter

Choosing the best pizza cutter doesn’t have to be so bothersome. Now that you already understand the convenience and importance of this tool, it’s time to get one now.

Our top picks of recommended products should help you narrow down your choices. However, to select the best pizza cutter, there are some important details that you need to consider.

Whether you’re a professional chef or a regular housewife who loves to make perfect pies, this tool can make snack time more enjoyable.

Here are some of the fundamental factors to look out when buying the best pizza cutter that is best suited for you:


All cutting tools are mostly made of only one element – stainless steel. However, be aware that some cheap products use non-stainless steel that can easily rust or corrode.

Apart from the steel blade, other types of materials are also incorporated in the construction of these tools. These materials may include plastic, wood or rubber which may comprise the handle or the protective sheath.

Check the quality of the materials being used and make sure that they are original. If you notice some burs on the blade or some cracks on the handle, it’s wise to steer clear of it.

Design and style

Everyone has their preference when it comes to the types of cutters. Some prefer the wheel type tool because this is the most commonly used and the most available among the models.

Others would prefer the mezzaluna to experience that Italian vibe in cutting a pie. Moreover, there are also some people who opt for shears for some reasons.

When it comes to design, the ease of use is the most critical factor to consider. Which of these types is the easiest to use? Moreover, which of these types is best suited for your taste?

What would you use if you want to be a little crafty and cut out some cartoon characters out of your pie? The wheel type or shear should be the better option because these tools allow you to move the blade anywhere you like.

The mezzaluna, on the other hand, can only slice the pie in a perfectly straight line.

Kids would love their pie slices in the shape of their favorite cartoon characters. However, adults would prefer their slices in a perfect triangular shape.

That’s why it’s recommended to have all types of professional pizza cutters. That is if you want to impress people from all walks of life.

Solid grip

A firm, stable grip is essential to make a perfect slice. If you prefer the types with handles such as the wheel type and the shear, make sure that you’re comfortable with the grip.

The handle should not put any unbearable pressure on your wrist when you slice through the pie. Moreover, look for essential features such as finger guard or soft-grip to facilitate and protect your fingers.

Rocker type like the mezzaluna doesn’t have a handle. Instead, it comes with non-slip gripping material on top to act as the handle.

Unlike the wheel type and shear type, the rocker type will require both of your hands to hold each end of the grip. Typically, it has a built-in finger handle to give you a more solid grip.

Some models incorporate other materials such as rubber on the handle to provide a firmer grip. If you’re buying from a store, test your grip by fitting the handle in your palm.

Easy to clean

Remember that these tools are used to get in contact with your food. Dirty kitchen tools can contaminate the foods you eat.

Therefore, it is crucial to make sure that your kitchen tools are regularly washed to keep them free from bacteria before use.

The good thing about stainless steel is that they’re easy to clean. Moreover, they’re dishwasher-safe too which eliminates the need to do manual washing.

Well, because the blade can potentially injure your hands during manual cleaning. Choose a model that is easy to clean and dishwasher-safe for your convenience.

Moreover, always check the blade before using it. Never use it if you see any rust or corrosion.

To prevent the occurrence of rust, make sure to dry the blade entirely before storing it. Other models have hanging holes which you can use to hang dry the tool after washing.

For models with handles, you should also pay attention to the handle and make sure that it is free of grime.

Although the handle doesn’t come in contact with the food, the bacteria could be transferred to your hand.

Moreover, if you prefer holding the pie with your hand when eating, the bacteria can still find their way into you.

Stay away from the wooden handle as this material is prone to grime and dirt. Plastic handle is the better choice because this material is less likely to harbor bacteria and it is dishwasher safe too.


Despite its name, these cutters offer more than just slicing pizza. Mezzaluna, in particular, is often used to slice, chop, or mince other foods such as veggies, fruits, and pastries.

Do you spend most of your time in the kitchen trying to cook up something new? Then choose a versatile cutting tool that can do all types of cutting job for you.

Novice cooks may have a difficult time using a mezzaluna for other cooking purposes at first. However, with practice, they come to realize that this rocker type cutting tool does a perfect job to other foods too.


High-quality materials last longer than their low-quality counterparts. Investing in the best pizza cutter that you can use for years will save you some money in the long run.

Pick a product that offers a satisfaction guarantee or at least one-year limited warranty. This is to ensure that your purchase is secured and you’re getting the best product possible.

Factory defects are still probable, and you may buy defective products that won’t last long enough. Make sure that the manufacturer is offering a full refund or free replacement in case of a damaged item.


These tools come in different designs and models, so it’s no surprise that they also vary in prices.

Since wheel type cutting tools are the most common and widely-available models, they come cheaper than the rocker and shear types.

Take note that the material being used in the construction of the tool is the main factor that affects the price.

You may need to double check the quality of material if you’re planning to opt for a super cheap brand.

It is always wise to buy products from a legit and trusted brand that can guarantee premium functionality, durability, and quality.

We recommend that you take the time to look up the internet and compare the prices. Jot down all your options that are within your budget. Then dig deeper by reading customer reviews and feedback.

There are more affordable tools that can provide the same quality and functionality of the more expensive ones.

Be a smart shopper by researching before you finally come up with the final decision.


Just like any typical kitchen knife, these tools are made of razor-sharp blades that need to be kept away from children’s reach.

Sometimes, we tend to be careless and mindlessly rummage through the drawer without thinking that there’s a cutter in there.

Some brands include a protective sheath or a blade guard to cover the blade when not in use.

With the protective cover on, you can prevent any accidental injury from happening. Plus, the sheath can also protect the blade from damages or scratches.

The longevity of a kitchen tool also depends on how you take care of it.

Maintenance and proper care are essential to keep the tool at its optimum condition.

Cleaning is easy because most of these tools are dishwasher-safe and can be easily disassembled to clean hard-to-reach spots.

Make sure that the steel blade is thoroughly dry before you return it to the case. Moisture can lead to rust and may corrode even stainless steel.

Also, make sure to thoroughly clean the handle and other removable components of the cutting tool. Check any food debris, oil or grease that may linger on the handle and the blade as well.

For tools that require disassembly for cleaning, carefully read the instructions included in the package. This would teach you the proper way to disintegrate and parts as well as to how to assemble them back together.

Over time, the blade may become blunt, and you may need to sharpen it. Remember that the ability of a knife in cutting food entirely depends on the sharpness of its blade.

There are several ways to sharpen a blunt blade. You can use a sharpening stone, honing steel or coarse sandpaper to sharpen the blade.

However, you should know when to buy a new one. That is if the blade is too worn-out that it can no longer be salvaged by honing or sharpening any longer.


The world’s best pizza cutter made from high-quality materials that can last for years is the dream of every pizza lover.

However, with the many choices, you may think it’s impossible to find the one that is best suited for you.

As long as you consider the critical factors in buying the best tool, you should be able to find your ideal tool in no time.

Moreover, to make shopping more comfortable for you, our top 5 pizza cutter reviews should assist you in your search for the world’s best pizza cutter.

With a professional pizza cutter, you won’t be using a knife or a scissor in slicing this pie anymore. Besides, this yummy dish is best enjoyed when it is sliced beautifully with all its savory toppings intact.

Only the best pizza cutter can give you a perfect slice. So, what are you waiting for? Go and get one now!

Make sure you also take a look at make best pizza homepage, as well as our reviews section for plenty of useful information on your oven pizza making journey.

Feel free to leave us any comments or questions below. and we will happily help you out.


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