What is Artisan Pizza?

Making a Recipe With the Right Dough!

Pizza comes in a variety of forms and styles. There’s Chicago-style, California-style, New York pizza, and Neapolitan to name a few. Moreover, then there’s Artisan Pizza.

So, what is artisan pizza exactly and how does it differ from other popular pizza styles?

By definition, the term ‘artisan’ denotes a skilled craftsman who has gained in-depth knowledge and skills through rigorous apprenticeship.

When applied to culinary, the term itself refers to any food made in a traditional or non-mechanized method using high-quality ingredients.


Store-bought pizza is practical, but a homemade pizza is satisfyingly delicious, especially if you did it all by hand. Moreover, that’s what artisan pizza is all about.

What is artisan pizza? Artisan pizza is not your ordinary Italian cuisine. It is a unique art that involves exquisite flavor, craftsmanship, and love for tradition.

Making the best pizza doesn’t only revolve around the types and the number of ingredients used. You can make the best-tasting one with just a few ingredients.

Probably the best secret behind the artisan pizza recipe is the baker’s understanding of proper preparation, fermentation and oven management.

One can put together all the fancy toppings in the world. However, if the crust and the baking process are mediocre at best, the pizza becomes worthless.

The artisan pizza dough recipe should help you make the excellent pizza that has undergone proper fermentation and gentle handling. As opposed to mechanized pizzas that were hastily processed without undergoing these critical phases.


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