Char-Griller Pro BBQ, the Best Horizontal Smoker

Are you interested in holding barbecue parties? Why not invest in the best horizontal smoker?

Most horizontal smokers will either have a plain basic shape or come with an additional offset firebox.

If you’re looking for the best horizontal smoker, Char-Griller is proud to present the Pro BBQ Charcoal Grill with Side Fire Box.

As the name suggests, it has an extra chamber that is separated from the main chamber.

Moreover, it’s connected together to provide maximum heat.

Both types will have a chimney of some sort. This professional-grade grill from manufacturer Char-Griller offers many enticing features.

Read on to discover what this product has to offer!


At this point, you should be able to see why many backyard grilling enthusiasts and professional cooks prefer this product(and others).

It is considered the most versatile and the best horizontal smoker in the market at the moment so look no further for the perfect addition to your backyard.

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